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Prop World offers 25+ years of experience of producing props. Our 35,000 sq. ft warehouse of many theme props, boat props, movie props, stage props and custom props can be designed and produced in-house to meet the requirement of every customer's vision. Catering equipment, party and wedding decorations-including Greek columns, statuary and special lighting is available. Have a theme party planned-no problem! Let us plan, design and decorate your next special event.
Greek Statuary                     Egyptian Props                   Pharaoh Props                     Budha Props                     Sea Props                     Don Quixote Props
Antique Cash Register      Various Egyptian Props        London Bridge                   Furniture Props                     Boat Props                        Unique Props
    Wedding Columns            Under the Sea Props                Boat Props                   Boat Props-Outside                Stage Props                    Special Lighting
     Stage Props                    Wedding Columns               Theme Parties                  Pirate  Decor                     Event Catering                   Pirate Props
Airplane Prop                         Foo Prop                        Big Ben Prop                     Stretch Fabic                    Egyptian Prop                       Stage Prop
Giant Cypress Tree            Mardi Gras Props            Silver Men-Gigantic        Putt-Putt Golf Course              Theme Party                    Oriental Props                  
Movie Props                           Movie Props
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